Total, custom solution provider, offering full scope of WAROM brand and services to our clients in the Middle East and North Africa, with singular focus on the needs of our client

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Dubai, UAE, P.O.Box 263667

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Safety & Satisfaction Above All

WAROM Technology MENA FZCO is a joint-venture that is launched with two clear missions in mind: to act as a regional hub in the Middle East and North Africa for the sales and distribution of the Warom brand and to offer what we refer to as ‘One Stop Total Solution’ to its clients and end-users of the same region.

As TOP FIVE Largest Explosion-Proof Electrical Enterprises in the world, Our Explosion Proof electrical product range includes:

  • Explosion proof light fittings (Fluorescent, high bay, floodlight, LED fittings and portable hand lamps)
  • Explosion proof Installation equipment (Switches, plugs and sockets, junction boxes, terminal boxes)
  • Explosion proof Control equipment (Position switches, control buttons, indicator lamps, control stations, volt and ammeters)
  • Explosion proof Motor Switchgear (Motor switches, motor starters)
  • Explosion proof Distribution boxes and Enclosures
  • Explosion proof Cable Glands and Bushings
  • Explosion proof Air Conditioners and Pressurized products.

The new, innovative, powerful business strategic model encompasses a complete package of services, that are 1) Marketing and Sales 2) Proposal/Quotation 3) Technical Support 4) Stock 5) Assembly and 6) Quality control/After sales Service, and is what differentiates this very enterprise from numberless distributors and agents of the current market.

With the technical team fully deployed from Shanghai, China and stationed in the facility, we’ll not only be able to offer an instantaneous response to our client’s varying demands but also provide a solution simultaneously. With our new 5,500 square meter facility fully equipped and the assembly warehouse, administrative building, and product showroom fully prepared to effectively and efficiently respond to clients’ varying needs on a real time basis, we wholeheartedly believe that this very firm marks a positive step forward and an important milestone in our journey to become the largest and most competitive stockist for electrical apparatus in Middle East and North Africa region.

Over 5,500 Low-Voltage Electrical Apparatus Production Range

Warom’s products have been widely used in various industries including Oil and Gas, Chemical, Aerospace, Coal, Electric Power, Railway, Metallurgy, Marine, Security, Fire Protection, Irrigation, City Planning, Telecom and Diving Rescue. The products are sold to 31 provinces in China and to over 50 countries in the world. The Company has become a reliable supplier and cooperative partner to many renowned petrochemical companies. As one of the two explosion-proof equipment manufacturers globally to be in IECEx Mark Committees, Warom has gained strong brand recognition with various awards including “Famous-brand Product”, “Famous Trademark”, “AAA Credit Rating Company”, and “The Credible Enterprise”, etc.

Remarkable International Success Over The Past 31 Years

WAROM is already prequalified with major clients globally;

The pre-qualifications include SHELL, ADNOC(UAE), Dubai Petroleum (UAE), NPCC (UAE), KOC (Kuwait Oil Company), KNPC (Kuwait National Petroleum Company), PDO(Oman), ORPIC (Oman), EPPCO(UAE), PETROLEO BRASILERAO(Brazil), SABIC(Saudi), PTT (Thailand), Samsung C&T (Korea) and beyond.

We now can say, with great pride and honor, that our top-tier products have been and are widely being used for their mega size projects around the world with the highest level of satisfaction.

Ensure The Safety And Highest Quality Of Products And Services

Quality is our top priority and all our manufacturing processes are in accordance with ISO9001 and ATEX EN13980 quality management systems. WAROM is also the FIRST company in China’s Explosion proof industry to obtain EU-ATEX and PTB explosion-proof certification, Germany. Our A-class laboratory, approved by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association which is an internationally recognized certification board, consists of an electrical testing centre, mechanical testing centre and environmental testing centre. Moreover, we say with great pride that our headquarter is one of two manufacturing facilities in the whole China to hold IECEx Witness Testing Laboratory. This, in sum, enables us to simulate the strenuous working conditions our products will be exposed to during its operation in order to ensure that our product designs and performance are optimum and will protect people and facilities over its lifespan.